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Best Online Casinos Europe

Best online casinos Europe are often considered as the most quality ones in the whole world. Why? It is because on this continent online gambling and igaming companies are mostly heavily regulated, which means that players themselves have more rights and someone is looking after them.

Also, the competition is high, which means that for them to be able to get and keep the players, they need to keep them happy. That of course does not mean that every international online casino you´ll meet in Europe, is going to be worthy of your time. Below we´ll explain what qualities they hold plus you´ll see some links where to find them.

What are Best online casinos in Europe?

Best Online casinos in Europe are gaming sites that operate on the continent (UK casinos are also counted), but not always so. They might have their headquarters somewhere else as well. So the main thing is, that they offer their services for European players. Mainly, they are considered as trusted online casinos and for example, they offer good bonuses which you can play on the best online slots.

These casinos also offer live casino, which means that you can play against a live dealer. Some of them offer sports betting too. UK bookies are considered as one of the best ones in the world.

Licenses in Europe online casinos

Best online casinos Europe will always have a license. We cannot recommend gambling on a site that does not have one. Then you might encounter some serious problems and nobody can help you. When you gamble, make sure the site has at least one of the following licenses. Before that, make sure to check your local laws so you will know where you are even allowed to gamble. Many European countries restrict gambling to those sites, that have obtained the local license. Some of these countries are Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sweden and Netherlands.


MGA casinos are usually the best option for those who are looking for the best online casinos Europe sites to play at. That is because this license allows its holders to offer their games to people who are not living in Malta. And the good thing is that they also offer some safety for the players. So if you ever have problems with a casino, you cant contact MGA to get some help. In some countries, such as Finland, winnings from MGA casinos are tax free. Please check your local laws if you want to know if that´s the case in your country as well.


Curacao casinos as you can see from the name, are not in Europe, but they very often allow European players too. In this case they work the same way as MGA, but the problem with them is that they often breach local laws and accept players from countries where they should not. This is one of the reasons why Curacao sites have a bad reputation. Also, if a player faces issues, it is difficult to get any help. Still, all the sites with this license are not bad. There are also some good ones.

Estonian tax and customs

Estonian license is the one with the least casinos, but still, many of them are considered to be safe on the list of best online casinos Europe. It basically has the same benefits as the MGA one, and getting help could be even easier as there are less casinos the licenser is following.

UK license

You might be reading this from the UK, since the island is of course, part of Europe. You are lucky, since you are able to play at UK bookmakers. These are known as the best ones in the world. This is because the UKGC will punish all those who violate the license laws. There has been several cases, where a casino loses its license or has to pay a hefty fine.

Are you from Ontario, Canada?

If it happened so, that you are from Ontario, Canada, we have something for you too. The state has just recently started to give licenses to casinos, so you can play Ontario online casinos only if you live in the state.

What kind of casinos are listed as best online casinos Europe?

Generally, in Europe there are 2 kinds of casinos available. These are so called PnP casinos and traditional casinos. On the latter you the player needs to create an account by giving their personal information before being able to play. This also comes with several payment methods. On PnP sites players do not have to create an account. All they need to have is to have online bank. When they make their first deposit through that, it automatically creates the account and personal details are not needed.

When it comes to bonuses, it does not matter if the casino has them or not. There are players who do not care about them and there are those who do. Also, it does not matter what kind of bonuses the offer. Best online casinos Europe lists usually contains bonuses such as cashbacks, percentage bonuses and VIP-programs.


Hopefully this article has been helpful to you if you are looking for best online casinos Europe manual. No matter where and when you, always remember to gamble responsibly.


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